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UFR 929


The department includes four research laboratories, three of them jointly depend on UPMC, the University Paris Diderot and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). These internationally renowned laboratories conduct cutting edge research in virtually every field of pure and applied mathematics.

They have close links with the best departments in the world and every year they welcome large numbers of French and foreign top level scientists through cooperation programs.

They are parts of the postdoctoral school of mathematical sciences Paris-centre and play a major role in mathematics at a national level with 250 French and foreign postgraduate students who defend theses in fundamental and applied research.

These laboratories, which are famous for their expertise in fundamental mathematics, have in the past few years developed new areas of research adapted to the growing needs of other scientific disciplines and the challenges of a global economy.

The four laboratories of the department belong to the research federation of mathematical sciences Paris-centre (FR2830) together with the mathematical and fundamental computer science laboratories of University Paris Diderot. They are also part of the Paris Mathematical Sciences Foundation.

For staff listings, please go to the individual laboratories websites listed on this page.


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Hervé Le Dret

Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics

33 1 44 27 72 02

ufrmath @ upmc.fr