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About the faculty

The Department of Mathematics statutes define the procedures regarding the Department board missions, its election, as well as the election of the Department Dean. These statutes were voted on the 20th and 21st of June 2005 by the Board of Directors of the University and the Department Board respectively. They were last updated in 2007.

The Department Board meets on average three times a year. It seeks advice from a Scientific Board regarding research, from a Teaching Committee regarding the organization of teaching and from a Staff Committee on administrative and technical staff management.

The work of these committees is defined by the department rules and regulations.

The Department of Mathematics includes the research laboratories and specific teaching units for the Bachelor's and Master's degrees. It is also home of the ISUP school.

Each research laboratory decides upon its own research policy through its own board. The Department harmonizes the requests and means between the laboratories.

The Bachelor's and Master's units are governed by statutes which were voted by the Department Board on March 7th, 2005. They have their own board with its own internal regulation. Their operational bodies are the "EFU" (Equipe de Formation Universitaire, academic teaching team).

The Bachelor's and Master's units' boards decide upon the teaching staff's annual duties, subject to approval by the Department Board.

The Department includes the Thesis Committee which is responsible for authorizing the defense of all theses and habilitations, following their assessment by appointed referees.


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Hervé Le Dret

Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics

33 1 44 27 72 02

ufrmath @ upmc.fr